For more than two centuries, Lubin has explored distant horizons, represented our world in its own unique way and enchanted generations of the witnesses and makers of history with its perfumes. Like an author choosing the most beautiful words, Lubin selects the most precious materials and essences for its fragrances.
Women are at the heart of Lubin’s new collection. Women with unique personalities, who are an inspiration for others and the embodiment of their time. A beautiful fragrance says something about the woman who wears it, without overshadowing her. Through these compositions and their muses, by drawing on reality and the imagination, Lubin continues to transport us elsewhere.
Lubin has created a new design to encapsulate the perfumes in this collection. Lubin’s emblematic amphora-shaped bottle has been given a golden dome bearing the name of the perfume and the brand’s signature. This smooth, elegant bottle radiates light thanks to the transparent glass with white and gold decoration. The stylish simplicity of its graphic composition and the geometric letters reinforce Maison Lubin’s art deco spirit.
This new collection opens with portraits of Anna, Eva and Magda.

“Lured by your scent, led on to charming clime,
I see a port, all mast and sail,
Battered and buffeted by tide and time;”

Charles Baudelaire
Les Fleurs du mal
« Parfum exotique »

Charles Baudelaire
The Flowers of Evil
“Exotic perfume”